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Soft Skills For Busiess (Bangalore Uni)


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Soft skill successful only if it is two waya one should be a good listener and observer then only he can be a good advisor. What is basially needed here is to understand and grasp the essential knowledge, our present book on soft skills for busines manly aims at this direction the work concentarate not only on theoretical aspect but a great effort is made to present practical aspect of business communication. The lucid language and effective presentation of the communication tools gives an extra value to our work on the subject. There are basic concepts which mainly deals with the fundamentals of the subject and there are unique tools used to present the subject and there are unique tools used to present the subject in a well structured design to accept the challenges of present day’s requirements by the business organizaations.

As the present scenario of business demands tremendous strengths among the employees to achieve the goals, every one the organization has to contribute towards the direction of achieving success, which an effective Soft Skills for Bsiness are the basic needs.

We have prepared the present book according to the Third Semester BBA, Bangalore University. We sincerely invite careful suggestions from fellow teachers and expect a parfrom seniors in field of teaching communication skills, which gives us extra strength to do more and more positive work.



1. Elements of Communication
2. Public Speaking
3. Interview Techniques
4. Meetings
5. Business Communication


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D. Govindappa,

N.K.Satya Pal Sharma,


Santhosh Kumar A.V.


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