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Statistics for Management

Decision Making is a constant process as the life goes. At all times of the day, each living being makes the decision of one type or the other. Decision making cuts across the areas of utilisation. It is not required only for Business, but in all walks of life at all times. The art and science of collecting, analysing and using the information (can be called data) is utilised for identifying and solving life problems. The use of data for decision making is the body of statistical thinking.

Business environment is becoming more and more competitive. Operating in this environment is very challenging and data has a very important role in meeting such a challenge. The author himself been a practicing manager and understands the rigorous of Business Decision. It is from this experience arose the need to put the data to use in the form of this book. The book has, therefore, been written in the most lucid, easy to understand language and the concepts have been amply clarified so as to make their use in daily business improvement exercises.

Book Content of Statistics for Management
Chapter 1 : Decisions Making And Human Involvement

Chapter 2 : Data Analysis And Measure of Central Tendency

Chapter 3 : Dispersion, Skewness and Kurtosis

Chapter 4 : Correlation Analysis

Chapter 5 : Regression Analysis

Chapter 6 : Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Chapter 7 : Interpolation and Extrapolation

Chapter 8 : Index numbers

Chapter 9 : Decision Analysis

Chapter 10 : Theory of Probability

Chapter 11 : Probability Distributions

Chapter 12 : Sampling Theory And Sampling Distributions

Chapter 13 : Theory of Estimation And Testing of Hypothesis

Chapter 14 : Statistical Quality Control Techniques



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