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Story of Science and Ecological Studies


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The Present book titled “Story of Science and Ecological Studies” is one of the most comprehensive text containing latest data and information in a highly simplified language. The book is divided into 18 chapters divided into two parts. The first part deals with the Story of Science and the Second part discusses the various topics of ecological studies. The book also contains important information and latest developments concerning development in science, environment and ecology.

Book Content of Story of Science and Ecological Studies

  1. Primitive Human Society
  2. Food Growing Civilization
  3. Emergence of Urban Societies
  4. Arab Science
  5. Feudal Society
  6. The Period of Renaissance and Reformation
  7. Modern Developments in Science and Technology in the 20th Century
  8. Science in India
  9. Scientific Approach To Problem Solving
  10. Natural Resources : Exploitation and Conservation
  11. Environmental degradation
  12. Effect of Urbanization on Social Environment of Man
  13. Environment and Human Health
  14. Nuclear Development : Its Impact on Environment and Health
  15. Social Implications of Developmental Projects
  16. Public Awareness
  17. Program Implementation : Role of Government and NGOs
  18. Management of Natural Resources


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Dr. Vipan B. Kumar


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