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Strategic Human Resource Management and Organisational Development


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An attempt has been made to deal with the subject matter comprehensively and efforts have been made to concise it. The book is presented in twenty-one chapters. In this book, the focus is on the reality of “people management” in large, complex companies considered world class in their management of people. All are among the top five best performing organizations within their sector in India. In their diversity, they represent the kind of large organizations found in the western world and face the challenges of present-day globalization. It is an attempt to reflect on the experiences, concerns and aspirations of people at all levels in these companies in India. This book will be of help to students, teachers, policy makers and practitioners of management in India. This book is intended to be a basic text book for all undergraduate and postgraduate students as a course of study, besides also being useful to practicing HR professional and managers.


Book Content of Strategic Human Resource Management and Organisational Development
Part − I
1. Concept of HRM
2. Concept of Strategy and Strategic HRM
3. New People Management
4. The Environmental and Strategic HRM
5. Strategic Human Resource Planning
6. Human Resource Evaluation
7. Human Resource Accounting/Human Resource Audit
8. Organisational Culture (OC)
9. Recent Techniques in HRM
10. Competency Mapping and Career Management
11. Innovation Management
12. Employee Relations and Business Strategies
13. Managerial Effectiveness in Organisations
Part − II
14. Organisational Development
15. Organisational Change
16. Organisational Conflilct
17. Compensation Management
18. Total Quality Management and Human Resources
19. Knowledge Management
20. Knowledge Processing Outsourcing
21. Mergers and Acquisitions

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