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Strategic Human Resource Management


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  • Strategic Human Resource Management – A New Perspective for Steel Industry is a comprehensive research work specially carried out at SAIL & TATA STEEL after liberalization. It provides true insights of post-liberalization effects on Indian Steel Industry and interface of HRM in strategic planning perspectives.
  • The Opinion Survey of two hundred executives and non-executives of SAIL & TATA STEEL about post-liberalization effects and their performances from 1991 till date captured in the book.
  • Performance of Indian Steel Industry during pre-liberalization period from 1985 to 1990 with specific study on SAIL & TATA STEEL is also included in this book.
  • Exhaustive study is being done on modernization process, performance management, HR initiatives, other turn-around strategies of both SAIL & TATA STEEL.
  • A case study on Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) based on major turn-around and implementation strategies also included.
  • The book explores emerging issues like linkage of HR Strategy in Business, Outsourcing and Co-sourcing, Competitive Leadership, Strategic Management Performance, Rewards, Careers, Work Life Balance and Mentoring and Internationalization of Human Resource Management.
  • Management students, HR Managers, Researchers and Industry personnel will find this book highly useful and informative. This book will help them to establish Business Strategy-HR strategy linkage in their respective organizations.

Contents :

1. Role of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM): Key to Organizational Excellence
2. Global Scenario of Steel Business and Indian Steel Industry after Liberalization
3. TATA STEEL & SAIL’s Endeavour during Post-liberalization Period
4. Scope and Methodology of Study
5. Performance of Indian Industry during Pre-liberalization Period from 1985 to 1990 with Specific Study on SAIL & TATA STEEL
6. Post-liberalization and Performance of SAIL & TATA STEEL (1991 to 2013)
7. Executives’ & Workmen’s Opinion Poll (SAIL & TATA STEEL) and Statistical Analysis of Results
8. Findings of the Study and Conclusion




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Dr. P.K. Mohanty


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