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Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship


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This book titled “Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship” attempts to provide a conceptual view and a comprehensive insight into the basics of corporate strategy and its policy implication. The book has been designed keeping in view the curriculum of strategic management course in various universities in Orissa and is intended for the MBA, BBA, Integrated MBA of many universities of Orissa.

This book deals with basics of Strategic management in a comprehensive but concise manner. We have tried to incorporate real life corporate example to give a better understanding to the students on the concepts principle and practices. Pertaining to Strategic Management. The framework of our book its reinforced by 12 case studies that encompasses the aboard spectrum of Strategic Management – Principles and practices. The book is written in a clear and easy to read style. The textbook is divided into 12 chapter which covers Corporate Strathy: An Overview, Mission and objectives, Strategic Management Process, Environmental Analysis and Environmental Scanning, Internal Analysis, Competitive analysis, Business Portfolio Analysis, Mergers and acquisitions, Strategic Alliances, joint Ventures and Divestment, Diversification Strategies, Strategic Alternatives, Strategy Evaluation and Control, Entreprnatives, Strategy Evaluation and Control, Entrepreneurship Development.

The purpose of this textbook is to provide the management students with the requisite practical orientation and exposure for understanding the real world business situation. Strategically, we have tried to keep the book simple compact and learner friendly.


Contents :

1. Corporate Strategy: An Overview
2. Mission and objective
3. Strategic Management Process
4. Environmental Analysis and Environmental Scanning
5. Internal Analysis
6. Competitive Analysis
7. Business Portfolio Analysis
8. Mergers and Acquisitions
9. Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Divestment
10. Diversification Strategies
11. Stategic Alternatives
12. Entrepreneurship Development
13. Strategy Evolution and Control
14. Case Study
15. References


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Amitabh Nanda,

Debidutta Acharya


Himalaya pub