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Strategic Management


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The sixth revised edition of ‘Strategic Management’ has been brought out in response to the changes in the syllabus of various Universities in the wake of environmental changes. A new chapter on ‘New Business Models and Strategies for Internet Economy’ and two cases on Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Hindustan Lever Limited are included. The cases of Canara Bank and Arvind Eye Hospital are updated till date. New reading materials on merger, acquisition, takeover, restructuring, turnaround, recent amendments of Company Law, corporate social responsibility and the emerging e-commerce companies are incorporated in suitable chapters. The latest University question papers of Anna University are included for the benefit of students.

Contents :

1. The Strategic Management Process
2. Mission and Goals
3. Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
4. External Environment
5. Porter’s Five Forces Model and Strategic Groups
6. Competitive Advantage: Resources, Capabilities and Core Competencies
7. Internal Scanning: Organizational Analysis
8. Strategy Formulation: Situation Analysis
9. Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy
10. Strategy Formulation: At the Business Level
11. Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy
12. Strategy in Global Environment
13. Building and Restructuring the Corporation
14. Choice of Strategies and Balanced Scorecard
15. Implementation of Strategy: Designing Organizational Structure
16. Designing Strategic Control Systems
17. Matching Structure and Control to Strategy
18. Implementation of Strategic Change: Politics, Power and Change
19. Evaluation and Control of Strategy
20. Strategic Issues in Managing Technology and Innovation
21. Strategic Issues in Entrepreneurial Ventures and Small Business
22. Strategic Issues in Non-for-profit Organizations
23. Role of Technology and Knowledge Management
24. New Business Models and Strategies for Internet Economy
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