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Strategic Management (Mumbai Univ)


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The economic liberalization which unleashed the competitive forces has vastly changed business scenario in India. To survive in the new environment, companies have no option but to shed several of their inheritances of the controlled regime. Running a business in such a dynamic and fast-changing environment demands adequate knowledge and management skills. Strategic management is the scientific study of proactively responding to the changing business environment. Businesses, big or small, need to practice strategic management to grow and stay in business. Hence, there is an ever increasing interest in the subject academically and otherwise.

More and more Universities have remodeled the course contents of management studies keeping in view, the demands of industry and commerce. Strategic management has been included as a subject for study even in non-management courses.

The growing discipline of strategic management has limited books at basic level. My association with the teaching and training on the subject at Mumbai, since the last decade has inspired me to bring out a handy reference book on the subject which can meet the requirements at the introductory level. I am thankful to the good support received for the earlier editions of my same title. This is written as per the syllabus S.Y.BMS, Semester III of Mumbai University.

The objective of the book is to meet the academic requirements of undergraduate students of the above course. The book provides conceptual clarity on the subject of strategic management. While writing the book, the Indian context is kept in mind and adequate examples are chosen from the Indian industry. This book is written in simple and lucid style to make the subject easily understandable. I hope that the book will meet the expectations of both teachers and students of strategic management.


Contents –

1 Introduction to Strategic Management
Module 1 : Business Policy – Meaning, Nature, Importance
Module 2 : Strategy – Meaning and Definition
Module 3 : Strategic Management
Module 4 : Strategic Management Process
Module 5 : Strategic Intent
2 Strategy Formulation
Module 1 : Environment Analysis
Module 2 : Corporate Level Strategy
Module 3 : Business Level Strategy
Module 4 : Functional level strategy
3 Strategic Implementation
Module 1 : Models of Strategy Making
Module 2 : Strategic Analysis
Module 3 : Strategy Implementation
4 Strategic Evaluation and Control
Module 1 : Strategy Evaluation and Techniques of Control
Module 2 : Synergy
Module 3 : Change Management


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