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Sustaining Organizational Excellence in Turbulent Times


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Organizations today have to constantly deal with ever changing business environment.The speed of change is enormous in this 21st century. Organizations have to be ready to face up to all these challenges thrown up in these “Turbulent Times”.

This book aims to give insight and suggest methods to counter issues / problems during such `Turbulent Times`.

Contents :

Track 1 – Finance
1. A Study on Foreign Direct Investment With Regard to Retailing in India
– Mrs. Nandini M. Deshpande
2. Financial Strategies for Sustainable Growth
– Prof. Prashant T. Patil and Prof. Tushar V. Sakore
3. Economic Value Added − A Tool for Measuring Corporate Financial Performance
– Prof. Kavita B. Ubarhande and Prof. Prashant B. Ubarhande
Track 2 – Human Resource
4. Human Capital Management: An Innovative Subordinate Practice to Human Resource Management
– Ms. Aditi V. Aljapurkar and Mr. Satyjit D. Ingawale
5. Green HR: The New Paradigm for Business Excellence
– Ms. Aditi V. Aljapurkar and Ekta Singh
6. An Empirical Study of Stress in Education with Respect to Management Students
– Mr. Purushottam Arvind Petare and Mr. Anirudha Pandit Kamble
7. A Critical Study of Implementation of Six Sigma and Just-in-Time in International Organisations
– Dr. Milind A. Kulkarni
8. Talent Management − A Key Driver to Human Assets
– Ms. Jyotsana Khandelwal and Ms. Aditi Kaushik
9. Challenges Faced by HR in Ethics Across World
– Prof. Archana Hrushikesh Patil, Prof. Kavita Kamath, Prof. Rutuja Jadhav and Prof. Supriya Lakhangaonkar
Track 3 – Marketing
10. Identifying Determinants of Consumers Purchasing Conspicuous Goods − A Special Case Study in Reference to Readymade Branded Apparels in Gwalior Region
– Dr. Abhilasha Sharma and Dr. Pankaj Gupta
11. E-Marketing
– Prof. Sanjay Vikhe and Prof. Rahul Bhandari
12. Neuromarketing − The New Weapon for Marketer
– Nitin Ranjan
Track 4 – Information Technology
13. Review Paper on Management Information System in Education (EMIS)
– Pratibha Patil
14. Health Care Decision Making with the Help of Data Warehousing and Data Mining
-Sandip Warate
15. Hiding Sensitive Information Using 2D Data Matrix
-Mr. L.S. Khedekar and Dr. A.S. Alvi
Track 5 – Operation 16. Recent Trends in Operations Management
-Prof. Tushar Sakore and Prof. Prashant T. Patil
Track 6 – General Management
17. Sustainability through Effective Management of Service Failure: Maruti Suzuki Dealer
-Prof. Irfan Mumtaz K.S. and Prof. Chaitra Hiremath
18. Quality Entrepreneurship through ICT for Small Business
-Dr. H.S. Fadewar and Dr. V.P. Pawar
19. E-Governance and Sustainable Economic Development
– Dr. G. Syamala Sengupta and Anjali Shantanu
20. Change in Competitive Environment and Emerging Challenges for Indian Automobile Industry
-Dr. B.R. Patil, Mr. S.T. Suryawanshi and Prof. G.G. Dangare


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