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Systems Management


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This `System Management` book has been written with a goal to focus on what student really need to know for today`s and tomorrows system`s development covering the processes in planning for and designing an information system.The system management consists of activities aimed at planning and control.The system management consist of activities aimed at planning and control.The book also discusses the general business system briefly.

In any MBA course,it is a common practice to reduce the technical content by focusing on the core review question. The syllabus of Anna University for ‘System Management’ for the MBA course was taken as a reference here to wirte this book and thereby to focus on core modules.The modules considered on this book are as under:

Module 1 System Analysis Fundamentals
Module 2 System Analysis Tools
Module 3 Essential of Disign
Module 4 Database System
Module 5 Database Design

Book Content of Systems Management
Module 1 System Analysis Fundamentals

  1. Introduction to System Analysis
  2. System Management Definition
  3. Role of Systems Analyst
  4. Meaning of System
  5. Definition of System
  6. Characterstics of a System
  7. Subsystem Concepts
  8. System Interfaces
  9. Information Systems
  10. Understanding Organisational Style and its Impact on Information
  11. Determining Feasibility and Managing Analysis and Design Activities
  12. System Development Life Cycle(SDLC)
  13. System Analysis Phases
  14. System Design
  15. Convergent and Divergent thinking with regard to Systems Analysis and Design
  16. System Construction
  17. System Testing
  18. System Implementation
  19. System Support

Module 2 System Analysis Tools

  1. System Analysis Tools
  2. Data Flow Diagram
  3. Systems Thinking
  4. Data Flow diagram example
  5. A Context Diagram
  6. Logical and Physical data flow design
  7. Decision Table
  8. Warnier /Orr diagram
  9. Hierarchical Input-Process-Output Chart(HIPO Chart); Process Flow Charts
  10. System Flow Charts
  11. Computer Aided Systems Engineering(CASE);
  12. A CASE approach
  13. End user development

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