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University Physics Mechanics (B.Sc. Hons.)


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We feel great pleasure to bringing out this edition of book entitled “Mechanics”. The book has been written according to new STATE MODEL SYLLABUS on the basis of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), for B.Sc. Physics honours students of Universities of Odisha, Autonomous Colleges and other Indian Universities.

The present book has been divided into four units and is discussed in ten chapters. Unit-I includes three chapters out of which the first two chapters are related to rotational dynamics and third chapter is related to non-inertial frames. Unit-II is composed of three chapters namely Elasticity, Fluid Motion and Surface Tension, which are deals with the properties of matter and their applications. Unit- III is composed of two chapters namely Gravitation and Central Force of Motion. Unit- IV is composed of two more chapters out of which the first chapter related to Oscillation, a phenomenon of extreme importance in nature and in physics as well. The second chapter of this unit deals with “Special theory of relativity” which is based on revolutionary ideas of space and time and Einstein’s mass energy relation, E = mc2.

Some salient features of this book are:
– All the chapters are written in a systematic and compressive way using simple language so that an average student feels it interesting to follow the text.
– Well illustrated diagrams are supplied within the text for clear understanding of the text.
– Sufficient numbers of selective and modern solved problems are incorporated for indepth studies of the chapters, followed by a set of unsolved problems are provided for practice.
– Many solved “Conceptual Questions” are given at the end of each chapter to improve the understanding of the subjects.
– MCQs (multiple choice questions) are given for each chapter.
– Large number of Unsolved ‘Long questions’ and ‘Short questions’, frequently asked in various universities are also given at the end of each chapter.


Contents –

1. Rotational Dynamics-I (Centre of mass and angular momentum)
2. Rotational Dynamics-II (Moment of Inertia)
3. Non-inertial Frames
4. Elasticity and Bending of Beams
5. Fluid Motion
6. Surface Tension
7. Gravitation
8. Motion under Central Force
9. Oscillations
10. Special Theory of Relativity


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Dr. J.C. Upadhyaya,

Ranjan Kumar Bhuyan


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