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Way to Control Diabeties and its Complications


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This book has been written so as to share the knowledge gained by me during the past couple of decades while carrying out research and diabetes, with the common man. Today diabetes affects a large percentage of the population in India due to changing life styles and food habits. Diabetes indirectly kills thousands of people.

In this book the history of diabetes, its cause, precautions to be taken for prevention of the disease and measures to be taken for prevention of the disease and measures to be taken after one is affected by diabetes are all highlighted. Details an insulin therapy, control on sugar levels by diet control and exercise are given special importance as these two play a very major role not only in controlling diabetes but also to improve the overall health of an individual. The long-term effects of diabetes are given in detail and the complications experienced by pregnant women and children is highlighted.

I hope that after reading this book, the reader draws at least some benefits out of it and it makes his life more meaningful and comfortable.


Contents –

1. Historical Events
2. What is Diabetes?
3. Insulin Therapy in Control of Diabetes
4. Oral Medication
5. Diet and Diabetes
6. Diabetes and Exercises
7. Diabetes and Pregnancy
8. Diabetes of Childhood and Adolescence
9. Long-Term Complications of Diabetes
10. Is There no Cure For Diabetes?


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Dr. Govind D. Kalyankar


Himalaya pub