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Zoology (Sem VI, Nagpur Univ)


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ZOOLOGY : B.Sc. Semester VI is an effort to make available an authentic and standard study material for the students and teachers. The book has been compiled exclusively as per the New Semester-wise Syllabus of RTM Nagpur University. The study material of the book is derived from many standard reference and textbooks of International and National repute.

The book is divided into three parts and eight units :

Part I : Paper IX “General Mammalian Physiology – II” with IV Units each on Nerve and Muscle Phusiology, Excertion, Endocrinology and Reproduction.

Part – II : Paper X “Applied Zoology – II” with units each on Biotechniques, Microtechnique, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics.

Part III : Practical based on Paper XI & XII.

The unique feature of book is presentation of subject matter. Several illustrative diagrams hae been included in the text which will help students to grasp the idea quickly and easily. At the end of each part of the book questions based on syllabus are given with a view to facilitate students while writing the answers.


Contents –

Paper – XI : General Mammalian Physiology – II
Unit I : Nerve and Muscle Physiology
Unit II : Excretion
Unit III : Endocrinology
Unit IV : Reproduction
Paper – XII : Applied Zoology – II
Unit I : Biotechniques
Unit II : Microtechnique
Unit III : Biotechnology
Unit IV : Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
Practical – VI (Based on Paper – XI and XII)
Section A – General Mammalian Physiology – II
Section B – Applied Zoology – II
Distribution of Marks for Practical


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