H.M. Billimoria

Mrs. H.M. Billimoria is a professional social researcher of longstanding. She has worked for many years I various capacities for the Indian Council of Social Welfare. As a research Officers, she was associated with projects supported by the Department of Health Education and Welfare of the U.S. Government. As its programmes officer, she dealt with inter-country adoption, and has a wide experience in this field, dealing with the International Social Service and other foreign adoption agencies in connection with inter-country adoption. Her experiences in inter-country adoption made her feel the need for promoting the adoption of children by Indian parents. As a committee member of the Family Welfare Agency, one of the oldest in the field, she decided to evalutate the experiences of Indian parents, so that other might be encouraged to adopt children and she has published a book on Adoption – An Indian Experience,the present project on adoption. She was on the academic staff of the Tata Institute of Social Science, Bombay for many years.At present, she is on the research committee of Indian Council of Social Welfare. She is presently engaged in under taking research on Child Welfare. She is also consultant of Maharashtra State Branch of I.C.S.W. as a consultant, on their project for the Aged.