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Attitude of Parsi Women To Marriage


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This research study on attitudes to marriage shows clearly what are the expectations of Parsi Women in marriage and the ideal husband they would like to secure. It brings out the fact that Parsi Woman’s idea of marriage is not to secure a meal ticket but like any other modern woman she is seeking love, understanding and companionship.

It deals with factors which make for adjustment in marriage. Thought dealing only with Parsi Woman, these factors are likely to apply to any modern women. On the whole Parsi Women are happily married though there may be some tensions due to in laws over-crowded housing etc. Parsi Women like other women are very concerned about bringing up children well. They face some problems with regard to this. Wishing to do their very best for the children they preferred to have a small family which is resulting in a steady fall in population of the parsi community.

They are independent economically and hence rather choosy. Their expectations are high and they wait for the right man to come. They may wait too long for him. All these results in declining numbers for the community.

On the whole, their attitude to marriage is positive, it is thought of as permanent. There are no incidents, of bride burning. Though they there is prevalence of dowry there is no cohesion or demand resulting in marriage breakdowns. It is rather a help to a newly married couple for setting up household.


1. Introduction
2. Socia-Economic Status of Respondents
3. Expectation in Marriage
4. Attitude to Factors that Make for Adjustment in Marriage
5. Respondent’s Attitude Towards Her own Marriage Including Sex Life and Number of Children
6. General Attitude Towards Marriage, Dowry and Divorce
7. Marital Adjustment Amongst Respondents


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