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Advanced Methods of Teaching


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The essential task of this realization of Advanced Method of Teaching, as indeed, is to describe a rich variety of approaches to teaching, their uses and purposes in real learning situations as to make each model active. The study of teaching as a inquiry by individuals, learners, faculties, As Practitioners we use the knowledge base as a mirror for the study of our own practice and draw on the models, methods, strategies, tactics of teaching that are the products of disciplined inquiry in to teaching to find tools we can explore with our students. Perhaps the most important findings is that the purpose of teaching is to increase capacity to learn the multifaceted thing we call intelligence, we find that education can greatly affect intelligence and that these tools we call models, Advanced Methods of teaching are one way to organize intelligence − oriented education.

This book helps learners to understand different instructional designs, theory behind different models of teaching, styles, strategies, tactics of teaching and their application to classroom teaching, derive teacher competencies and assess teacher performance, skills of using and interpreting different tools of teacher assessment, use of technology in teaching, approaches and trends of research in teaching. It helps the learners to acquire the knowledge about theories of teaching for effective classroom, Instruction, analyze teaching skills and activities to understand their application to classroom situation to develop skills of analyzing interaction in teaching-learning situation.

This book inhibits learning in comparison to the Power education, to giver learners a tool to educate them with overall classroom learning environment. This book contains 10 units, which are: Theories of Teaching, Organization of Teaching, Interaction Teaching, Strategies of Teaching, Instructional Designs, Models of Teaching, Technology in Teaching, Teaching Effectiveness, Tools and Techniques of Teacher Assessment and Research Perspectives.

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1. Theories of Teaching



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Dr. T. Pradeep Kumar


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