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Basic Molecular Biology


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This book is about, their propagation, expression, the controls under which they work, the way are organized in the prokaryotes and in the eukaryotes, the structure of their underlying molecule – DNA, the way they are packaged in a small space called chromosome, the way we cut and paste them from one organism to another, the way we manipulate them otherwise in the laboratory.

This is a primary text and is, therefore, quite concise. Yet, we have tried to keep and experimental bias throughout the book. As such, all major points are illustrated with experiments. History provides perspective. Therefore, wherever necessary, historical developments have been recounted to put the subject in proper orientation. Finally, a lot of references covering all the chapters have been cited at the end of the book. Keeping in view the wealth of information available on the worldwide web and the tendency of the modern students to look for the material available on the internet first and to touch the printed material only if nothing is available on the net, a great deal of useful WebPages have also been cited.

We believe that the book will be a good companion to the undergraduate students of Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biophysics, Botany, Zoology, Pharmacy, Medical sciences and allied fields.


Book Content of Basic Molecular Biology
1. Building Blocks of Nucleic Acids
2. Nucleic Acid Structure
3. Protein Structure
4. Chromosome Structure
5. Genome Organization
6. DNA Replication
7. Prokaryotic Transcription
8. Transcription In Eukaryotes
9. Post-Transcriptional Processing of RNA
10. The Genetic Code and Protein Biosynthesis
11. Mutations
12. Repair of DNA
13. Molecular Recombination
14. Mobile Genetic Elements
15. Regulations of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes
16. DNA Technology
17. Recombinant DNA Technology
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