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After the glorious success of the Himalaya’s series we are launching the last book for B.Sc. Botany Semester Sixth to meet the needs and requirements of the students as well as teachers of the subject. This book deals with the things only prescribed in the syllabus by RTM, Nagpur University. It includes Paper I : Plant Physiology-II and Biotechnology and Paper II : Plant Ecology, Techniques and Ethnobotany.

The main aim of writing this book is to provide all the subject matter in one book. For that we take good attempt to prepare this book in a carefully, meticulous manner resulting in a concise, lucid and easily understandable. This book consists of all the topics which include in the syllabus. Such topics are explained with the help of several illustrative figures, it will help the students to grasp and understand easily.


Contents –

Paper I : Plant Physiology-II and Biotechnology
Unit I – Growth, Phytochromes, Circadian Rhythms and Biological Clock, Plant Growth Regulators and Plant Movements
Unit II – Photoperiodism, Seed Dormancy and Plant Defense
Unit III – Plant Tissue Culture
Unit IV – Genetic Engineering, DNA Library, Introduction of rDNA into Host
Paper II : Plant Ecology, Techniques and Ethnobotany
Unit I – Principles of Phytogeography
Unit II – Environmental Pollution, Natural Resources
Unit III – Principle, Types & Application of Microscopy, Centrifugation, Electrophoresis, Spectroscopy and Chromatography
Unit IV – Ethnobotany


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Dr. Anil S. Dahat,

Dr. Kalpana P. Ghoshal,

Dr. Machhindra P. Nandeshwar,

Dr. Mahesh N. Mhaiskar,

Dr. Mundeep G. Awaley,

Dr. S.P. Quershi


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