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Business Communication


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The book is organized into four parts and 17 chapters. Each chapter ends with a summary and provides short and easy questions to review the learning and a mini- project task to explore new horizons of knowledge.

Part – 1 Provides a fresh foundation to the knowledge of communication media and technology, English language as a medium of communication and reading skills.
Part – 2 Deals with the oral communication context and skills. In five chapters, this part explains oral communication process, oral communication forms and guidelines to face specific challenges like interviews, presentation, meeting and conference.
Part – 3 focuses on written communication and consists of eight chapters.
Part – 4 is the most interesting part in which different skill building exercises are given for use under the direction of an instructor.

The aim is to assemble useful information in a concise manner to management students, so that they can bridge their communication knowledge and skill gaps in a short time period and become employable in challenging positions of Indian organisations and MNCs.

Contents :

Part − 1 Foundation of Communication
1. Communication Basics
2. Communication Media and Technology
3. English Language – A Media of Expression
4. Reading Skills
Part − 2 Oral Communication
5. Oral Communication
6. Oral Communication Forms
7. Interviews
8. Management Presentation
9. Meeting Presentations
10. Meeting and Conferences
Part − 3 Written Communiction Skills
11. Effective Business Writing
12. Letter Writing
13. Business Letters
14. Office Communication
15. Employment Letters
16. Business and Technical Reports
17. Research Report Writing
18. Business and Research Prososals
Part – 4 Laboratory Manual
Section − 1 Know Your Skills and Class Mates
Section − 2 Reading Skills
Section − 3 Listening Skills
Section − 4 Conversation Skills
Section − 5 Negotiation Skills
Section − 6 Presentation Skills
Section − 7 Writting Skill
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Dr. C.S.G. Krishnamacharyulu,

Dr. Lalitha Ramakrishnan


Himalaya pub