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Business Correspondence


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 This book covers the syllabus for the subject of Business Correspondence at B.Com. of the University of Gujarat. It has been written on the basis of the authors` experience of teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students of Business Studies as well as Management Studies. The concepts are explained in simple language. There are review questions in most chapters, and exercises for students who would like to practice their writing skills.

Teachers will find the book useful as it provides the required theoretical and conceptual information. The exercises have been found stimulating and helpful for teachers to create new exercises and questions to suit their students.

The book takes into account developments in business, in communication technology, and the wider reach of Indian business persons. It is a product of interaction with students in the classroom and outside, and also with managers in training sessions

Book Content of Business Correspondence


  1. Seven Cs of Business Letter Writing
  2. Important Components of Business Letters − Layout
  3. Important Components of Business Letters − Structure
  4. Kinds of Business Letters
  5. Enquiries and Replies
  6. Complaints and Adjustments
  7. Sales Letters
  8. Job Application
  9. Business Memos
  10. Business Presentation Skills




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Year of publication

2012, 2017





S.M. Rai,

Urmila Rai


Himalaya pub