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Managers must be able to take data-driven decisions. One of the most riveting changes that we see in the world of work is perhaps the work itself. Imagine the pace with which our world has changed. As Business Leaders, we need to step onto the new code of work.

The new code of work is the way enterprises of tomorrow would be expected to operate. It involves changes in terms of the processes, structures, and tools that we deploy as we create the work ‘spaces’ of the future.

This readable, practical book helps business people quickly understand what Business Intelligence is, how it works, where it is used, and why and when to use it – all illustrated by case studies, not just theory.

The key aspect of Business Intelligence is that first word: “Business”. More than any other technology, Business Intelligence succeeds when the business side is intimately involved in determining what will constitute the “Intelligence” that IT can produce. Business Intelligence refers to applications and technologies to help users make better business decisions. Intelligence consists of discovering, identifying, and understanding problems occurring in the organisation – why there is a problem, where, and what effects it is having on the organisation.

This insightful book illustrates how organisations can make better, faster decisions about their customers, partners, and operations by turning mountains of data into valuable business information that’s always at the fingertips of decision-makers. You’ll learn what is involved in using Business Intelligence to bring together information, people, and technology to create successful business strategies – and how to execute those strategies with confidence.

The units included in this book are:

Unit I is on Introduction to Business Intelligence, Unit II is on Data Warehousing, Unit III is on Data Mining for Business Intelligence, Unit IV is on Business Rules, Unit V is on Business Intelligence Implementation, Unit VI I and II is on Practice Business Intelligence with Tutorials on: Power BI, Tableau.


Contents :

Unit I – Introduction to Business Intelligence
Unit II – Data Warehousing
Unit III – Data Mining for Business Intelligence
Unit IV – Business Rules
Unit V – Business Intelligence Implementation
Unit VI – Tutorials


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