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Business Law (AP Univ)


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We are indeed very pleased and extremely delighted to place before the esteemed readers the Third Revised and Enlarged edition of the book “Business Law” for B.Com. III Year of different Universities of Andhra Pradesh.

It covers all the more comprehensively the revised course content requirements of the students appearing in the paper “Business Law” at B.Com. III Year Examination of different Universities of Andhra Pradesh and similar courses.


Contents –

Unit – I The Indian Contract Act, 1872
Chapter 1: General Principles
Chapter 2: Offer and Acceptance
Chapter 3: Consideration
Chapter 4: Competence of Contracting Parties
Chapter 5: Consent: Nature and Requisites
Unit – II Discharge of a Contract
Chapter 6: Legality of the Object and Consideration
Chapter 7: Void Agreements
Chapter 8: Contingent Contracts
Chapter 9: Discharge of Contracts
Chapter 10: Performance of Contracts
Unit – III The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
Chapter 11: Remedies for Breach of Contract
Chapter 12: General Principles
Chapter 13: Transfer of Ownership
Chapter 14: Remedial Measures
Chapter 15: Conditions and Warranties
Chapter 16: Auction Sale
Unit – IV Consumer Protection Act and Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter 17: The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter 18: The Information Technology Act, 2000
Unit – V Elements of Company Law
Chapter 19: Company and its Forms
Chapter 20: Formation of a Company
Chapter 21: Memorandum of Association
Chapter 22: Articles of Association
Chapter 23: Managerial Personnel and their Remuneration
Chapter 24: Directors
Chapter 25: Other Managerial Personnel
Chapter 26: Meetings and Proceedings
Chapter 27: Secretary
Chapter 28: Winding Up


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