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Business Law – II


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Twentyfourth edition of this book is now divided in two parts. Business Law – I and Business Law – II in view of revised break up of syllabus for Semester III and Semester IV respectively. In July 2013, I placed in the hands of my students Business Law – I for Semester III. Now is the turn of Business Law – II for Semester IV.

Modules I to IV for Semester IV have radically changed the original syllabus, though not to the required standards. Gaps are yawning and additions are too taxing and unimaginable as the framers of the syllabus continue to be indifferent to the cause.

Module I of Indian Companies Act, 1956 shockingly omits study of management of companies and shares and debentures. Module II for just 15 marks multiplies the study to most immoderate study. Students are required to study: (i) Reconstructions and mergers, (ii) Establishment, powers and procedures of Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal, both under the heading Corporate Laws, (iii) The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), (iv) Patents, (v) Copyrights, (vi) Trademarks, (vii) Designs, (viii) Geographical indications, (ix) Plant varieties, last six under Intellectual Property Rights. Corporate Laws are part of Companies Act, 1956. Nevertheless, while Module I is the study of Indian Companies Act, 1956, Module II however, segregates reconstructions and mergers and establishment of Tribunals under Corporate Laws. Only framers know the object of this segregation as in my view this is totally irrational.

Companies Act, 1956 is now in phases being replaced by Companies Act, 2013 and is expected to fully come into force by March, 2014. By the time, you are throughwith your exams, this Act shall become obsolete.


Contents –

Module – I Company Law
1. Company — Formation and Regulation
2. Memorandum and Articles
3. Share Capital, Debentures and Securities
4. Prospectus and Private Placement
5. Member
Module II Corporate Laws
Securities & Exchange Board Of India (SEBI) & Intellectual Property Rights
1. Compromises, Arrangements and Amalgamations
2. National Company Law Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal and Special Courts
3. The Securities & Exchange Board Of India (SEBI)
Intellectual Property Rights
1. Patents
2. Copyright
3. Trade Marks
4. Designs
5. Geographical Indications of Goods
6. Plant Varieties
Module – III Law of Partnership & Law of Limited Liability Partnership
1. Partnership
2. Registration of a Firm
3. Dissolution of a Firm
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Limited Liability Partnership
Module – IV Law of Consumer Protection & Law of Competition
1. Law of Consumer Protection
2. Law of Competition


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