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Business Laws (Delhi Univ)


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We are pleased to place before the esteemed readers a book on Business Law for B.Com. (Hons.) students of Delhi University as per Choice Based Credit System.

The book has several distinctive features. These include the following :
– Comprhensively covers the course content requirements of the students appearing in the paper “Business Laws” at B.Com. (Hons.) I Semester Examination of Delhi University and those having similar course contents.
– Written in simple and straight style.
– Gives a lucid explanation of the basic provisions of law with plenty of illustrations supported by case laws.
– Incorporates at the end of each chapter:
. Objective type questions with short answers to enable the students to best their understanding.
. Essay type questions for review, discussion and practice
. Practical problems with short answers for sharpening the knowledge of students.
– Broadly classified into Three Sections, each covering a separate enactment(s) and conveniently divided into several concise but complete chapters covering specific topics.
– Provides Learning Objectives at the beginning of each chapter to tell the students what he will learn after studying the chapter.
– Defines Key Terms introduced, at the end of each chapter, for recapitulation and better grasp over the subject.
– Incorporates in the preliminary pages topic wise coverage of the relevant syllabus in the book.
– Bound to prove a refreshing guide for business executives.


Contents –

Section 1 : The Indian Contract Act, 1872
1. General Principles
2. Offer and Acceptance
3. Competence of Contracting Parties
4. Consent : Nature and Requisites
5. Consideration
6. Legality of the Object and Consideration
7. Void Agreements
8. Contingent Contracts
9. Performance of Contracts
10. Discharge of Contracts
11. Quasi-Contracts
12. Remedies for Breach of Contract
13. Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee
14. Contracts of Bailment
15. Contracts of Agency
Section 2 : The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
1. General Principles
2. Conditions and Warranties
3. Transfer of Ownership
4. Performance of Contract of Sale
5. Remedial Measures
6. Auction Sale
Section 3 : Miscellaneous
1. The Limited Liability Partnership Act
2. The Information Technology Act, 2000


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