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Business Management (Including Skill Development)


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We present this textbook of Business Management to the readers, Although a good number of textbook are available on Management, none of the title meet the specific requirements of BBM, students of Tumkar University, Hence to redress this problem, we are placing this comprehensive textbook before our readers. Management function undergone both evolutionary and revolutionary changes, management term to-day is different from yesteryears. To-day the concepts such as change, empowerment, leadership, TQM, re-engineering, MBO, organization culture, effectiveness and design event management and the like are the rules of the game in this changed scenario. Keeping all this in mind, we have brought out the textbook to suit the specify needs of the readers. Every chapter in the textbook starts with learning objectives and methodical presentation of each sub-topics and at the end, a sizable amount of question are drawn from previous year question papers of Bangalore, Tumkur University and other universities.

Book Content of Business Management (Including Skill Development)

Chapter-1 Introduction to Business

Chapter-2 Objectives of Business

Chapter-3 Proprietary Concerns

Chapter-4 Partnership Firms

Chapter-5 Hindu Undivided Family

Chapter-6 Joint Stock Company

Chapter-7 Government Undertaking

Chapter-8 Non-Business Organisation

Chapter-9 Introduction to Management

Chapter-10 Principles of Management

Chapter-11 Planning

Chapter-12 Decision Making

Chapter-13 Organising

Chapter-14 Staffing

Chapter-15 Direction

Chapter-16 Leadership

Chapter-17 Co-ordination

Chapter-18 Controlling

Skill Development


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Prof. D. Shivarudrappa


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