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Law is the protector of the society and society remain weak and unsafe without the judicial power. Any business and individual should work with in purview of law which is mandatory. Law represents the values of a society that have the force of formal authority of threat and punishment, if they are broken. This makes any body to follow law compulsory.

All business activities should be based on legal foundation. Every business should have two fold effect, of offering and acceptance mutual consent sharing fruits of business, protecting one’s right, facing the competitions, a care towards environment, vigilant about various crimes and so on. The business law is providing the boundaries and protecting all such activities. The Concept of Law and Law of Contract, Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Capacity of Parties, Free Consent, Legality of Object, Sales of goods act, 1930, Intellectual property legislations, Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and Cyber Law / Information Technology Act, 2000 so as are some of Acts to create awareness among UG students.

The book is simple easy to understand and fully convert with Kuvempu University syllabi, with following criteria:

1. Every chapter is covered with overview which gives a over all picture of the chapter.
2. The over-view stands as a bird’s eyeview for essay understanding and memory on the examination point of view.
3. Explanation with diagram for clear ideas.
4. Authentic description of every topic.
5. Review questions at the end of every chapter as per the pattern of question paper.

Assuming that the students and teachers will find the book extremely useful.


Contents :

Unit – 1 Introduction To Law of Contract
Unit – 2 Sale of Goods Act, 1930
Unit – 3 Intellectual Property Legislations
Unit – 4 Consumer Protection Act, 1986
Unit – 5 Cyber Law / Information Technology Act, 2000


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