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Business Statistics (Bangalore Univ)


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It gives us a great pleasure indeed to place before the sagacious and discernible reading community the first edition of the book “Business Statistics”. Bangalore University had aptly describe the present disciple in view of the fact that the modern agile students should have the exposure of quantitative treatment of qualitative phenomenon. The business decisions need to be made on the strength of quantitative facts. The simple and easy understanding of the complex business situations can be made possible through the quantitative analysis and interpretation of any scenario.

In the current cross border trade scenario, the use of Business Statistics referred with quantitative analysis is more pronounced than yester years. The discipline `Business Statistics’ enables the student to acquire analytical, divergent,lateral and convergent thinking. The book is made simple, lucid and clear for the purpose of facilitating the students to understand the concepts of background and basic concepts, diagrammatic and graphic representation, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, correlation and regression analysis and index numbers. Umpteen number of simple, moderate and complex problems on the above concepts have been systematically solved and provided to the students. The book is apart from the normal caravan or bandwagon of the innumerable titles in that it provides skill development components on different diagrams and graphs, tables based on real data and compute arithmetic mean / median, computation of standard deviation of real data pertaining to gold prices collected from dailies, preparation of a chart showing wholesale price index, graphical representation to find correlation and moving averages method to obtain profit data of a company.

Book Content of Business Statistics
1. Background and Basic Concepts
2. Diagrammatic and Graphic Representation
3. Measures of Central Tendency
4. Measures of Dispersion (Variation)
5. Correlation and Regression Analysis


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Dr. B. Chandrashekara,

Dr. K. Ramachandra,

M.C. Roopa


Himalaya pub