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College Botany – III


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College Botany Vol. III has been completely revised and updated. It includes the latest revisions in the Botany Final Year B.Sc. Syllabus of Bangalore University. One special feature in the addition of practical exercises in a separate section.

The book is divided into Five Parts − Part One : Taxonomy and Economy and Economic Botany; Part Two : Genetics and Cytology; Part Three: Plant Breeding and Evolution and Part Four : Practical Manual. The theory portion dealt with in the first three parts has 22 chapters and practical manual has 8 chapters. Chapter 30 deals with technical description of locally available plants.

The Text is profusely illustrated and the language used in simple and straight.

Contents :

Part One : Taxonomy and Economic Botany
1. Introduction
2. Classification of Angiosperms
3. Modern Trends in Taxonomy
4. Glossary of Taxonomic Terms
5. Selected Families of Monocotyledons
6. Selected Families of Dicotyledons
7. Economic Plant Products
Part Two : Genetics and Cytology
8. Introduction
9. Mendelism
10. Interaction of Genes
11. Multiple Factor Inheritance
12. Linkage and Crossing Over
13. Cytoplasmic Inheritance
14. Chromosomes
15. Chromosomal Aberrations
16. Gene Mutation
17. Cell Division
Part Three : Plant Breeding and Evolution
18. Vegetative Propagation
19. Plant Breeding
20. Origin of Life
21. Organic Evolution
Part Four : Practical Manual
22. Introduction
23. Root Modifications
24. Stem Modifications
25. Leaf Modifications
26. Inflorescence
27. Fruits
28. Cytology
29. Description of A Flowering Plant
30. Taxonomy (Technical Description of Plants)


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R.R. Ramtirthkar,

S. Sundara Rajan


Himalaya pub