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Corporate Financial Policy


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This book has been written as per syllabus of Bangalore University’s B. Com. Degree Course, provides an overview of corporate financial policy and details about financial policy, decision making, debt financing, internal financing, taxation, financial risks, mission and vision of financial goals, profit criteria, wealth criteria, sustained growth approach and maximising growth. In addition, it covers mergers and acquisitions of corporates, forms of merger, motives and benefits of merger, valuation of merger, proposals, negotiations, leveraged buyouts—regulations of mergers and acquisitions in India. It also explains about business valuation, amalgamation and valuation of brands, licensing and intangible assets. Though tailored for students of Banglore University, it is also useful to the students of financial management and MBA students.

Traditional form of business activities are buying and selling services and/or goods to genuine customers. But today’s business, under corporate management, has shown tremendous changes in business behaviour, distribution, advertisement, marketing areas. And all such activities, need finance to fulfill the object of the company and better customer relationship management.

To achieve corporate financial goals, cost of capital is always considered in every financial policy. Sometimes for expansion and to avoid competitions in the market, mergers and acquisitions take place in the corporate sector and in doing so valuation of shares, bonds and intangible assets is taken care of. All these characteristics combined form the Corporate Financial Policy of any corporate. This is to be considered by all students of finance. As per new syllabus from 2012-13, this book has been revised, completely.


Contents –

Unit-1 Financial Policy
Unit-2 Cost of Capital
Unit-3 Corporate Financial Goals
Unit-4 Merges and Acquisitions
Unit-5 Corporate Valuation
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