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Current Status of Indian Fruit Processing Industry vis-a-vis Brazil


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An economy at large will thrive when all the major industries will perform to their fullest potential. The industry will perform to its fullest capacity when each and every incumbent firm is aggressive enough to face the global competition. A detailed study on each and every industry is what is required today to understand the nuances of a particular industry. Fruit processing industry in general and mango processing industry in particular is one of the emerging industries of India which has a tremendous potential yet to be unleashed. There lies a huge potential which needs to be exploited and make India a world’s biggest fruit processing factory.

The book which is produced out of the Doctoral research work serves basically two purposes. One, it is a ready guide on Indian fruit processing industry in general and mango processing industry in particular giving complete picture of the industry and explaining the underlying forces that are shaping the competition in this particular industry. The attempt has been made to compare India vis-a-vis Brazil, a global leader in this space covering all the stake holders namely; Growers, Processors, Government, Nodal bodies, Middlemen, end Consumers, Cooperatives, Associations, etc. Second, it is a book based on total research with no theory which can be used by the policy makers, industry incumbents, entrepreneurs and research scholars.

Contents :

1. Introduction
2. Review of Literature
3. Research Design and Methodology
4. Secondary Research
5. Primary Research Pertaining to Farmers/Cultivators
6. Primary Research Pertaining to Processors
7. Conclusion and Recommendations
8. Limitations of the Study and Scope for Further Studies


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