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Economic Analysis For Business


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Economic Analysis for Business is an interesting and fundamental part of Business Management / Administration Curriculum. Mastering the subject requires a good understanding of how basic concepts of economics can be combined with tools of Statistics, Quantitative Techniques, Operations Research, Accountancy, Finance, Costing, etc., to analyse and make decisions involving scarce resources.

This book on “Economic Analysis for Business” is designed to meet the necessary requirements of the knowledge of economics and related subjects in practically all professional and postgraduate courses. The special feature of this book is that it covers both on microeconomics as well as macroeconomics relevant to B.Com., B.B.A., M.Com., MBA and other professional courses such as the Institute of Chartered Accountancy, Costs and Works Accountancy, Chartered Secretary, etc. Further, the subject has been explained with practical examples and graphical explanations besides extensive illustrative problems with solutions.

Book Content of Economic Analysis For Business
1. Introduction to Economics : The Themes of Economics
2. Economic Concepts for Business Decision-making
3. Economic Problems and Production Possibility Frontier
4. Consumer Behaviour
5. Law of Demand and Demand Analysis
6. Elasticity of Demand
7. Demand Forecasting
8. Indifference Curve Analysis and Revealed Preference Theory
9. Consumer`s Surplus
10. Supply and Elasticity of Sypply
11. Returns to Scale
12. Cost Concepts for Managerial Decision-making
13. Theories of the Firm
14. Analysis of Cost Output Relationship (Cost Function)
15. Cost Volume Profit Analysis (Break Even Analysis)
16. Economies and Diseconomies of Scale
17. Market structure − Perfect and Imperfect Competition
18. Pricing Under Different Market Structure / Equilibrium of Firm
19. Factors of Production and Factor Pricing
20. Circular Flow of Income and Expenditure
21. National Income
22. Classical Approach of Income and and Employment
23. Keynesian Approach of Savings and Investments
24. Multiplier Effect
25. Demand and Supply of Money
26. General Equilibrium : An Integration of Product and Money Markets
27. Inflation, Deflation and Stagflation
28. Inflation and Unemployment : Phillip`s Curve and Okun`s Law
29. Macroeconomic Policies − Monetary Policy
30. Macroeconomic Policies − Fiscal Policy
31. Supply-side Policy and Management
32. Market Failures, Externalities and Government Regulation
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Prof. P. Saravanavel,

S. Balakumar


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