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Education in Changing Indian Society – Philosophical Aspect

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Education is an integral part of every individual`s life. It is a process that changes the learner. It helps to make the right kind of choice and have a clear conception of the social world. Every Individual perceives it in the light of his own experience .The successful professional views it as the key to success. An ardent learner takes recourse to it as an eternal fountain head to quenvh his thirst for knowledge. Education is a dynamic process which enables man to grow, develop, adjust and adapt to accelerated change. It is a complex process, conditioned by multi-dimensional factors. Hence there are diverse opinions regarding the derivation and definition of the term `Education`.

Contents :

1. Education
2. Scope of Education
3. Functions of Education
4. Goals of Education
5. Curriculum
6. Contribution of Educational Thinkers
7. Role of the Teacher in a Changing Indian Society
8. Appendix


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Dr. Shakuntala Gayatonde,

Dr. Urmi Sampat,

Mrs. Sharada Ganapathy


Himalaya pub