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Encyclopaedia of Global Warming (Set of 5 Volume)


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Global warming is a current and burning topic, today. To comprehend, it is: th E gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth`s atmosphere, due to increased level of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.` Extreme weather events, rise in the sealevel and a plethora of diseases are some of the serious concerns, which have drawn attention of policy-makers and scientists. It has a number of negative effects on, say, natural systems and creatures, such as butterflies, alpine herbs, life cycle of birds and plantation, etc. Given its harmful impacts, initiatives have been taken, both on national and international levels. Focus is on how to lessen its increasing effect, the world over. Rapidly increasing industrialisation and the smoke, emitted by vehicles are some of the prime reasons, behind global warming. The important initiatives taken, so far, include United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol. However, it appears to be an impossible task to put a check on it, effectively – not to say of decreasing its degree. The reason is that the effects, we experience today, are mainly related to emissions that took place long ago. Nevertheless, efforts are on to achieve the goal, day in and day out.

Present work is aimed at catering to the needs of the scholars, researchers, policymakers, scientists, academics and of course, general readers, alike.

This work, a research based effort should to be a good source for students and general readers concerned.

 Contents :

Volume – I

  1. Fundamental Elements of Global Warming
  2. Significant Aspects of Global Warming
  3. Characteristics of Global Warming
  4. Basic Issues of Global Warming
  5. Important Features of Global Warming
  6. Causes of Global Warming
  7. Financial Hazards
  8. New Trends

Volume – II

  1. Impacts of Global Warming
  2. Structure of the Climate
  3. Atmospheric Typography and Energy
  4. Impact in India

Volume – III

  1. Understanding Climate Change
  2. Impact of Climate Change
  3. Policies on Climate Change
  4. Precautions on Climate Change
  5. Greenhouse Effect
  6. Scene in Future

Volume – IV

  1. Gases of Greenhouses
  2. Hole in Ozone Layer
  3. Earth`s Atmosphere
  4. Kinetics of Atmosphere
  5. Motion in Atmosphere
  6. Moisture in Atmosphere
  7. Importance of Biosphere
  8. Extreme Climate Changes

Volume – V

  1. Response from the World
  2. Response from India
  3. Changing Scene

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