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Encyclopaedia Of Journalism (Set of 5 Volume)


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Activities in journalism include answering simple questions, like Who, When, What, Why, and stating the importance and effects of certain events or trends. In today`s world, journalism has many a form of media: television, radio, newspapers, magazines and internet. Journalism is not concerned only with writing and editing of newspapers and periodicals. The gathering and transmission of news, news management, advertising and other processes, connected with the production of a newspaper, also come under the purview of journalism.
Newspaper organisations generally recruit for all editorial, reporting and other journalistic jobs, only those, who have had higher education. Some editors insist upon a graduation degree, as the minimum educational requirement for all sub-editors and reporters, they hire, while others look for trained journalists or diploma holders. There are numerous books on journalism but, this compact and comprehensive book would prove to be a good source for enlightening and training professionals, teachers and students at all levels.

Book Content of Encyclopaedia Of Journalism(Set of 5 Volume)
Volume – I

  1. Introduction
  2. Gradual Development
  3. Concept and Perception
  4. Basic Features
  5. Theoretical Aspects
  6. Significance of the Job
  7. Types of Journalism
  8. Significance of Newspaper
  9. Organisational Structure
  10. Structural Network

Volume – II

  1. Art of Editing
  2. Editing Skills
  3. Technique of Editing
  4. Demands of the Job
  5. Editing of News
  6. Secondary Tasks
  7. Style of Presentation
  8. Application of Editing

Volume – III

  1. Art of Reporting
  2. Skill for Reporting
  3. Fundamental Features
  4. Reporting Methods
  5. News Reporting
  6. Purposeful Reporting
  7. Reporting Crimes
  8. Reporting by Investigation
  9. Reporting in Details
  10. Communication Methods

Volume – IV

  1. Genesis of News
  2. Origin of News
  3. Salient Features
  4. Different Types of News
  5. News Collection
  6. News Material
  7. Selection of News



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