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Encyclopaedia of Mass Media (Set of 3 Volume)


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In modern times, Mass Media is one of the most vital sectors in any society or economy. Mass media can be used for various purposes, like `advocacy1 for both business and social concerns. Enrichment and education – traditionally through performances like acting, music, and sports along with reading and Public Service announcements. Another aspect of Mass Media is mainstream media, which implies ability to transmit tacit knowledge, with a bias – political or otherwise, – towards favouring a certain individual outcome or resolution of an event. This view of central media can be contrasted with lateral media, such as e-mail networks, where messages are all slightly different and spread by a process of lateral diffusion. Mass media has become an integral part of our lives and cannot be separated from our routine. Particularly for the urban people, the need for information is more important than ever and way of life, in this information era, are strongly influenced by mass media organs, like newspapers, TV, radio, video and internet.

Mass Media is a vast subject, with many a good book, already available. But, this humble effort has been made to add another pearl. This work Encyclopaedia of Mass Media, is a sincerely made effort and it should prove to be beneficial for students and all concerned readers.


Contents :

Volume – I

1. Introduction
2. Historical Background
3. Fast Progress
4. Role in Revolution
5. Freedom Movement
6. Nationalist in Polity
7. Advocates of Freedom
8. Liberty and Obligations
9. Champions of Nationalism
10. The Great Pioneer
11. Double Effect
12. Newspapers after Independence
13. Rising to Occasion
14. Various Dimensions
15. New Trends
16. Future View
17. Apex Office
18. Press Council`s Role

Volume – II

1. Genesis of News
2. Theory of News
3. Making News
4. Presentation of News
5. Progress of News
6. Communicating News
7. Importance of News
8. Methods of Writing
9. Writing with Creativity
10. Feature Writing
11. Writing for Magazines
12. Purposeful Writing
13. Formal Presentation
14. Printing Technology
15. Process of Printing

Volume – III

1. Revolution in Information
2. Development of Electronic Media
3. Growth and Progress
4. Technological Progress
5. Technological Importance
6. Functional Technology
7. Role of Internet
8. Functioning of Television
9. Method of Telecasting
10. Role of Television
11. Radio Broadcasts
12. Importance of Celluloid

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