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Encyclopedia of Personality Development and Career Management


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Every minute bring an opportunity for self-improvement. Every individual has started a unique personality whih is exclusively his. The roots of personality goes as deep as parental and childhood days. Personality continues to develop during the adolescents also.

The Indian students are facing several challenges in the 21st Century due to lack of proper personality development and career management plans. The Indians have left an indelible mark across the world for their hard work. Wherever they go, they leave a mark of hard working. If one reads this book and practice, he will develop wonderful personality development and career management.

This ‘Personality Development and Career Management’ book is written for the benefit of our valued readers. Through personality development, individual will get wisdom. A good personality is an individual who has good noble qualities. This book gives practical tips to the reader in developing his personality and career management skills that are very helpful in properly managing their lives. This book is beneficiary to enhance their employable skills to the students, education institutions and educators.

In India, there is no unemployment but there is unemployability. This personality development and career management book will solve the unemployability problems. By reading this book, every student must become a marketable commodity. Soft skills are known by different names globally like interpersonal skills and life management skills. This skill is also known as employability skills. Soft skills are those skills which are essential and help in better presentable of his knowledge.


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Ch. Maheswari Rambai,

Gandham Sri Rama Krishna,

N.G.S. Prasad


Himalaya pub