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Entrepreneurial Development (Set of 3 Volumes)


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The works entrepreneur, intrapreneur and entrepreneurship have acquired special significance in the context of economic growth in a rapidly changing socio-economic and socio-cultural climate, particularly in industry, both in developed and developing countries. The experiences in the industraised countries like the United States of America, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom are authoritatively cited in support of this claim. An in-depth study of the subject thus becomes not only relevant but also necessary. Entrepreneurial development is a subject that has assumed great importance and is bound to be one of the dominant topics of discussion during the decades to come.

The present comprehensive, lucid and well-documented three Volume study of entrepreneurial development systematically examines and analysis in-depth the principle, programmes, policies and practices.

Volume 1 The Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and Development : Principles, Programmes, and Policies.
Volume 2 Project Formulation for Small Industry: Formulation, Appraisal and Financing.
Volume 3 Institutional Infrastructure : Programmes and Performance.

Each volume has twelve chapter, analyzing and examining various facts of entrepreneurial management and development. The study is a useful contribution to entrepreneurial literature.

It presents a kaleidoscopic review of various policy measures, programmes and principles in a lucid manner. It make an in-depth analysis of various fats of entrepreneurial development, particularly in establishing innovative enterprises, and creating employment opportunities for millions in urban and rural areas.

It underscores the fact that the process of management development, research and consultancy should be entrepreneurially oriented, so that the country may have a large number of entrepreneurs with vision and innovative ideas.

The present three-volume study is creative and integrated, and assists in right policy formulations with an eye on an ideal environment for entrepreneurial development in India and other developing countries. It offers to entrepreneurs a rich fare of stimulating ideas, a new vision and challenging insights.

Contents :

Indian Industry
New Industrial Policy, 1990
Export-Import Policy for 1990-93
1. Enterprise Launching Competencies
2. Project Identification
3. Project Formulation
4. Project Report
5. Project Design and Net Work Analysis
6. Project Appraisal
7. Profitability Appraisal
8. Project Planning
9. Social Cost-Benefit Analysis
10. Financial Analysis
11. Project Financing
12. Selection of Site and Equipment
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1982 (In Grams)

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Dr. Vasant Desai


Himalaya pub