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Entrepreneurship Development (Sem 4, Bengaluru City Univ)


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Covid-19 disrupted the economic and social activities of the people of India and world. Its impact is not just physical. The impact is felt temperamentally, psychologically and ergonomically. Still people, economy, society have not come out of the shock waves of Covid-19. Now the government of India has breathed a sigh of relief by inventing vaccine at the shortest possible time.

The primary concern for governments, societies and people is to stop the further spread and how to overcome the disastrous situation. Society cannot harp on dead issues. The calamities caused by the Pandemic may haunt us for a long time. Now it is time to look at restructuring economic, business and societal behaviours to come back to growing track, particularly in small business sector. Because MSMEs contribute significantly for the growth of Indian economy.

Most devastating aftershocks are felt in MSME and start up sectors. Many entrepreneurs have adapted exit strategies to contain loss. Time is now rough for this sector. Only the tough entrepreneurs would survive. However, we should not feel that entire situation is melt down. The calamity has not divested the basic infrastructure required for MSME sector.

On the other, business such as healthcare, E-commerce and delivery-based services, financial services to some extent, online business, pharma, life sciences and labs, pathology activities, managed office space business for corporate and start-ups, have done well during pandemic period.

In this backdrop, Indian economy has to focus on the development of MSME sector to give a boost to large scale employment of men and material. Entrepreneurship is the moving force to develop MSME sector and start-ups. Entrepreneurs with innovative skill take up self employment and produce such goods or service useful to the society. They also involve themselves in providing community services in the places and locations wherever they run their businesses.

Entrepreneurship is challenging as well as rewarding activity, particularly for youths of the country. Considering the importance of the study of entrepreneurship development at the degree level, BBA and B.Com course of universities of Karnataka have introduced “Entrepreneurship Development” as a subject of study. The study includes various aspects of entrepreneurship such as traits and qualities of entrepreneurs, MSME sector in India, procedure to be followed to start a new business, preparation of business plan and development of business model, institutional assistance in India for entrepreneurs etc.

“Entrepreneurship Development” covers the abouve stated aspects which satisfy the needs of curriculum of BBA of Bangalore city university. Student and other readers will have a first hand knowledge about entrepreneurship, by reading this book.


Contents –

Unit I : Introduction to Entrepreneurship
1. Entrepreneur
2. Types and Characteristics of Entrepreneur
3. Entrepreneurship Development
Unit II : Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
4. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME Sector)
5. Challenges (Problems) of MSMEs
Unit III : Starting a New Business Venture
6. New Business Venture – I (Selection Process)
7. New Business Venture – II (Implementation Process)
8. New Business Venture – III (Location and Other Formalities)
9. Ownership Patterns
Unit IV : Preparation of Business Plan and Development of Business Model
10. Business Plan
11. Business Model
Unit V : Institutional Assistance for Entrepreneurship
12. Institutional Assistance for Entrepreneurship – I (Financial Institutions)
13. Institutional Assistance for Entrepreneurship – II (Non-Financial Assistance)
14. Specialised Institutions Supporting Entrepreneurs


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