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Essentials of Business Environment


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Being in circulation for more than two decades, ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT has witnessed lows and highs of Indian businesses. The book was a bystander to the tightly controlled business environment and has been an eye-witness to the post-reform periods. During these periods, the book has captured all the changes and developments clearly, comprehensively and objectively. No surprise, the book has gained acceptance across the country.

The sixteenth edition is comprehensive. It covers topics which have been held as game changers such as Pandemic, Make in India, Skill India, Demonetisation, Farm’s Loan Waivers, GST and many more. The book is a storehouse of data on various topics of business environment. Some of the tables are as recent as 2021.


Contents :

Part − A
1. Understanding the Nature of Business
2. Environment and Strategic Management
Part − B
3. Meaning and Rationale for Globalisation
4. Strategies for Going Global
5. Foreign Direct Investment
6. India, WTO and the Trading Blocks
Part − C
7. Technological Environment
Part − D
8. Political Institutions
9. The Constitutions of India
10. Rationale and Extent of State Intervention
11. End of Government in Business?
Part − E
12. Economic Environment
13. Industrial Policy
14. Industrial Licensing
15. Competition Law and Foreign Exchange Management Act
16. Companies Act, 2013
17. Public Sector Enterprises
18. Privatisation
19. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
20. Industrial Labour
21. Industrial Sickness
22. Exit Policy
23. Infrastructure
24. Development Banks
25. Stock Exchanges
26. Financial System
27. Fiscal System
28. Agriculture
29. Balanced Regional Development
30. Population and Human Development
31. External Sector
32. New Economic Policy
Part − F
33. Cultural Environment
34. Social Responsibility of Business
35. Business and Society
36. Social Audit
37. Business Ethics
38. Corporate Governance
Part − F
39. Natural Environment


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