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Financial Accounting


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The book is titled as `Financial Accounting for MMS/MBA` is a gentle attempt of providing a basic at the same time classic literature on the subject matter of Financial Accounting. The book has been arranged in a logical sequence to provide details of various aspects of financial accounting to the students of management. It includes introduction to financial accounting, accounting principles, accounting cycle, classification of revenue and capital, accounting standards, depreciation, final account of sole traders and corporate financial statements, inflation accounting, ethical aspects of accounting, analytical tools such as ratios, cash flow and fund flow, and finally it provides the practical touch through cases in accounting. Every chapter includes fundamental theory explained in a simplest manner followed by good number of solved problems and then problems for practice at the end of the chapter. Ultimately, the book aims at facilitating clear understanding of financial accounting with sensible ease and enabling the students to be ready for advanced studies in the field of accounting and finance.

Contents :

1. Introduction to Financial Accounting
2. Accounting Concepts, Conventions and Principles
3. Accounting Cycle
4. Capital and Revenue
5. Accounting Standards
6. Depreciation Accounting
7. Final Accounts
8. Corporate Financial Statements
9. Inflation Accounting
10. Ratio Analysis
11. Fund Flow Statement
12. Cash Flow Statement
13. Case Studies in Accounting




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Dr. Kaustubh Arvind Sontakke


Himalaya pub