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Financial Management


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The new economic environment created in the country calls for versatile, strong and dynamic roles of financial executives to compete with MNCs and the Global Players. Efficiency and Creativity is the order of the day for ones survival. Learning is a continuous which update the knowledge of researchers, academicians and executives. With this object in mind, the book titled “Financial Management” is throrughly revised. This book starts off with the basics and builds chapter by chapter, on topics previously covered. Although each chapter is an integral part of the entire book, each chapter can stand on its own. The illustrations in this book have been well thought out to stimulate real world situation. There are many notes, tips and techniques to help the reader understand the subject better. Few cases are also presented to the users of this book. A new chapter viz. International Financial Management, has been added. It covers the syllabus requirements of students pursuing M.Com., M.B.A., CA, ICWA, CAIIB and AICTE approved courses. Similarly, even those who have not had any exposure to commerce as a subject at the university level will find this book equally useful.

Contents :

PART I – Introduction
1. Financial Environment
2. Financial Information
3. Financial Function in Business
4. Financial Management
5. Financial Financing
6. Financial Forecasting
7. Financial Planning in Inflation
8. Financial Management of Sick Units-Problems and Approaches
PART II – Financial Analysis
9. Funds Flow Statement and Cash Flow Analysis
10. Value Analysis
11. Ratio Analysis
12. Cost-Volume Profit (Break-Even) Analysis
13. Financial Analysis through Leverages
14. Profit Planning and Control (PPC)
15. Corporate Restructuring and Reorganisation
16. Corporate Tax Planning
PART III – Source of Finance
17. Long-Term Financing
18. Short-Term Financing
19. Term Financing
20. Venture Capital
21. Capital Structure
22. Valuation of a Firm
23. Cost of Capital
24. Depreciation and Reserves
25. Money Market
26. Bill Market in India
PART IV – Development of Funds
27. Capital Budgeting
28. Capital Budgeting Decisions in Risks and Uncertainties
29. Management of Working Capital
30. Bank Credit for Working Capital
31. Management of Trade Credit
32. Inventory Management
33. Receivable Management
34. Cash Management
35. Dividend Policy
36. International Financial Management




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Dr. B.G. Satyaprasad,

Dr. P.V. Kulkarni


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