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Fundamentals of Enterpreneurship Development and Project Management


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Entrepreneurship has become a major force in the global economy. Policymakers across the world are discovering that economics growth and prosperity lies in the hands of entrepreneurs-those dynamic-driven men and women who are committed to achieving success by creating and marketing innovative, customer-focused new products and services. Not only are these entrepreneurs creating economic prosperity, but many of them are also striving to make the world a better place in which to live. Those who possess this spirit of entrepreneurial leadership will continue to lead the economic revolution that has proven time and again, its ability to raise the standard of living for people everywhere. Entrepreneurial activity, if undertaken in full spirits, certainly activates one’s dormant talents into successful action.

We are pleased to present the book of “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management” to students, teachers, management consultants, budding entrepreneurs and other readers interested in today’s world of small business development and management. This book has been written with a purpose to develop an inclination towards entrepreneurial towards Entrepreneurial activities and to set up small business. If will help everyone to get more knowledge and awareness about entrepreneurship, project management. Entrepreneurship development programs and many such more. This book can be used as a text book by the commerce, arts and engineering students of various universities.


Contents –

1. Concept of the Entrepreneur

2. The Foundations of Entrepreneurship

3. Women Entreprenur

4. Theories of Entrepreneurship

5. Entrepreneurial Culture

6. Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship Comparative Analysis

7. Entrepreneurship : Maintaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

8. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Opportunity Analysis

9. Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP)

10. Entrepreneurship Development Programmers and Role of Government

11. Role of Various Agencies in Entrepreneurship Development

12. Introduction to Project

13. Project Identification

14. Project Feasibility Analysis

15. Feasibility Reports

16. Project Formulation and Project Report

17. Project Finance and Schemes Offered by Various Institutes


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Lipika K. Guliani,

R.K. Gupta


Himalaya pub