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Fundamentals of Statistics


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The Eighth revised edition of this indispensable book for all introductory and advance courses in Statistics is intended to cater to the needs of the students preparing for B.Com. (Pass and Honours), B.A. (Economics Honours), M.Com., M.A. (Economics); CA, ICWA, MBA and other management courses. While retaining the basic features of earlier editions, this edition of the book includes New Chapter (Chapter 28 – Linear Programming), and revised and updated material, with a number of distinct features.

– Exhaustive and comprehensive coverage of all the topics on Statistics.
– Step-by-step explanation of basic concepts in simple language.
– Large number of illustrated solved examples to give an insight into the basic concepts and a better understanding of the subject.
– A number of properly graded problems in the exercise sets along with their answers. Hints to ticklish problems are given, wherever necessary.
– Incorporates the examination papers of Indian Universities and professional courses like CA, ICWA and MBA.


Contents :

1. Introduction – Meaning and Scope
2. Collection of Data
3. Classification and Tabulation
4. Diagrammatic and Graphic Representation
5. Averages or Measures of Central Tendency
6. Measures to Dispersion
7. Skewness, Moments and Kurtosis
8. Correlation Analysis
9. Linear Regression Analysis
10. Index Numbers
11. Time Series Analysis
12. Theory of Probability
13. Random Variable, Probability Distributors and Mathematical Expectation
14. Theoretical Distributions
15. Sampling Theory and Design of Sample Surveys
16. Theory of Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis
17. Large Sample Tests
18. Chi-square Test
19. Tests of Significance Based on t, F and Z Distribution
20. Interpolation and Extrapolation
21. Statistical Quality Control
22. Theory of Attributes
23. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
24. Interpretation of Data and Statistical Fallacies
25. Statistical Decision Theory
26. Non-Parametric Methods
27. Multiple and Partial Correlation and Regression
28. Linear Programming
Appendix I: Numerical Tables
Appendix II: Bibliography




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