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Human Resource Management Industrial Relation Labour Welfare For UGC-NET/SET


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The idea come and crop up to bring this master piece in the form of text book only for those thousands and lakhs of students who are in search of their attainment and achievement of goal in the field of Human Resource Management. The aim of this project is to provide a textbook distinctly covering the basics and intricacies of the topics laid down into the content of this book.

While preparing for competitive examinations adequate and legible study material is required this can give elaborate idea about the topic in short period of time. An attempt is being made to bring this all requirements of the readers at one platform at the same time in form of this book. This book provide the extensive material in the form of more than two thousand objective type question for the aspirants of various competitive examination in the field of HRM and allied subjects like Industrial Relations, Labour Welfare etc.

Also an attempt has been made to cover wide spectrum of contents with illustrations and associated objective type questions followed by their answers. Each section of chapter begins with an outline of contents and learning objectives.

In preparing this edition, a sincere effort has been made towards the clarity in explanation and legibility of the words. Keeping in view the extensive practice to answer objective questions large number of associated objective type questions on respective topics is incorporated.


Contents :

UNIT I : Schools of Management Thought
UNIT II : Functions of Management
UNIT III : Human Resource Management (HRM)
UNIT IV : Human Resource Development (HRD)
UNIT V : Job Analysis and Salary Management
UNIT VI : Organization Behavior
UNIT VII : Industrial Relations and Trade Unions
UNIT VIII : Labour Welfare and Social Security Measures
UNIT IX : Labour Legislation
UNIT X : Book and Author


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Moreshwar N. Kudkilwar,

Mr. Nilesh S. Ugemuge


Himalaya pub