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Human Resource Management (Pune Univ)


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During the past three decades, the Personnel function has witnessed dramatic change. Widespread usage of the term ‘HRM’ in place of ‘Personnel Function’ is itself symbolic of this change. To survive in this highly competitive world, managers are being pressurized to improve quality, increase productivity, cut down waste and eliminate inefficiency. The Human Resource function has enriched itself by including within it ‘development’ dimension. The collective efforts of the employer and employee assume relevance in this context and here the concept human resource management can play a crucial role.

The present book is all about the subject Human Resource Management. The various topics and subject matter have been presented in a simple and articulate manner, keeping the unique requirements of students in mind. This book provides contemporary knowledge, basic concepts, evolving theories, latest techniques, ever-changing procedures and practices in the field of HRM. Every attempt has been made to maintain easy readability and quick comprehension.

Each chapter of the book is independent and contains contemporary examples extensively used to convey the dynamics of the subject. Study aids such as exercises, figures, exhibits charts and tables have been used to present the content in a lucid manner. The book also contains several cases highlighting the challenges by HR managers at various levels in the corporate world. These have been used to help the student understand the theoretical concepts in a better way. Each chapter is also supported by Multiple Choice Questions which will help the students to get the deeper insight of the contents.


Contents –

1. Introduction to HRM and Framework
2. HR Procurement
3. Training and Development
4. Employee Performance Appraisal and Compensation
5. Managing Emplyee Relations


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A. Abhilasha,

A. Ramakumar,

Dr. Rajashree Shinde


Himalaya pub