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Human Resource Management (Telangana Univ)


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The times are changing and so is business environment. The ongoing LPG process has made business environment highly competitive and complex. These changes have led to changes in human resource environment which, in turn, has changed human behavior in organization. As such, the changing environment has necessitated a thorough study of its impact on human resource management practices. The present book is a modest attempt to fulfill this need.

The book makes a presumption attempt to analyze all aspects of HRM logically dividing them into Five sections to enable the readers comprehend the key and vital issues of HRM in a dynamic environment. The Five sections are : (1) Human Resource Management and Environment (2) Acquiring Human Resources (3) Developing Human Resources (4) Labor Management (5) Rewarding Human Resources. Thus, the book gives a well-knitted and balanced coverage of theory. However, the goal with this book is not only to provide the necessary academic background information but also to present the material with a practitioner’s focus on both large and small businesses. Each chapter contains several staple and innovative features. Each chapter highlights the strategic achievements that have occurred within each HR topic and addresses key challenges.

The analysis of current academic knowledge and major areas of HRM practice provides an informed handbook for students, academics and practitioners. The text could easily be used in an undergraduate HR unit, or as a comprehensive HR handbook for mangers. For instructors, the text includes numerous pedagogical features such as extensively updated material that provides a sound basis for teaching, and for students, it successfully reinforces the link between theory, practice and critical thinking. All users will be engaged by the relevant cases that appear throughout the book as well as the web-based case studies contained in every chapter, and by the rigorous intellectual but realistic approach that the authors have taken to the subject, linking key HRM concepts and theories to the outcomes of empirical research.



1. Introduction to Human Resource Management and Environment
2. Acquiring Human Resources
3. Developing Human Resources
4. Labour Management
5. Rewarding Human Resources


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A. Kanaka Lakshmi,

Kalaa Chenji,

P. Kranthi,

Raghavendra Sode,

Srikanth Kasturi


Himalaya pub