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Indian Contract Act & Sale of Goods Act

Many a time, blooming careers crashed because of ignorance of law on the part of professionals or even by promoters and proprietors. In the changed context of liberalisation and globalisation of the Indian economy, law has become even more central in regulating and fostering competition. Thus, law has been an important subject both at the undergraduate and the post-graduate courses of all the universities in India.

The book Indian contract Act and Sale of Goods is a subject of vast dimensions comprising the areas covering formation and discharge of contract, breach of contract and remedies, indemnity and guarantee, bailment and pledge, agent and principal, formation of a contract of sale and performance of contract of sale of goods. To make the book more useful at all levels, the subject matter has been explained in simple and easily understandable language. The provisions (Sections) of the relevant Acts have been grouped systematically and discussed topic-wise/point by point throughout the text. The chapter arrangements in this have been made in a systematic and logical way with examples, illustrations and diagrams.

Book Content of Indian Contract Act & Sale of Goods Act
  1. Law of Contract
  2. Agreement and Contract
  3. Offer
  4. Acceptance
  5. Consideration
  6. Contractual Capacity
  7. Free Consent
  8. Legality of Object
  9. Void and Illegal Agreements
  10. Contingent Contracts
  11. Quasi-Contracts
  12. Discharge of Contract by Performance
  13. Discharge by New Agreement
  14. Discharge by Operation of Law
  15. Impossibility of Performance
  16. Breach of Contract and Remedies
  17. Indemnity and Guarantee
  18. Bailment and Pledge
  19. Agent and Principal (Law of Agency)
  20. Contract of Sale of Goods
  21. Performance of Contract of Sale


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Prof. P. Saravanavel


Himalaya pub