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Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis


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The pace of change in Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis has continued unabated since the last edition was published and in some areas the changes have been dramatic. Most instrumental techniques have benefited from these developments in terms of reliability, versatility and the processing and presentation of data. We have tried to indicate the nature of recent changes and developments without compromising the principal subject matter of the book which remains the instrumental techniques themselves and their applications. As with the new additions have been made in each instrumental technique. Line diagrams have been redrawn to make the book more illustrated. New instrumental techniques have been added, the uses of which have been growing steadily in recent past.

The wide range and new standardised format of this book make it the ideal reference work for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of chemistry, biochemistry, industrial chemistry, environmental science, pharmacy, microbiology, biotechnology geology, material science, and related disciplines. This book, the users can find information about which instrumental techniques can provide the information they are seeking on chemical composition and structure.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis
2. Errors, Precision and Accuracy
3. Microwave Spectroscopy
4. Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy
5. Raman Spectroscopy
6. Visible Spectrophotometry and Colorimetry
7. Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
8. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
9. Nuclear Magnetic Double Resonance (NDMR) and INDOR Spectroscopy
10. NQR Spectroscopy
11. Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy
12. Mass Spectrometry
13. X-Ray Absorption, Diffraction and Fluorescence Spectroscopy (Crystal Tonography)
14. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
15. Flame Photometry and Flame Infrared Emission (FIRE)
16. Nephelometry and Turbidimetry
17. Fluorimetry and Phosphorimetry
18. Mossbauer Spectroscopy
19. Emission Spectroscopy
20. Refractometry
21. Polarimetry
22. Optical Rotatory Dispersion and Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy
23. Conductometric Measurements
24. High Frequency Titrations
25. Measurement of pH
26. Potentiometric Titrations
27. Polarography
28. Amperometric Titrations


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