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International Business (Sem 6, Bangalore Univ)


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International business touches the lives of everybody across the globe. Moreover, events and trends which once unfolded gradually are now racing ahead with breathtaking speed, testing even experienced managers. This text is designed for business studies and management degree courses at undergraduate level.

The book “International Business” encompasses all types of business organization, all parts of the globe and all aspects of business activity, yet international business textbook to date have tended to limit their coverage in one or more ways.

This text book is an attempt to provide the students with detailed understanding of International Trade and Business concepts, methods and techniques. We have presented the subject matter in a systematic manner with liberal use of charts and diagrams where ever necessary so as to make it interesting and sustain students interest.

This book is designed to present the need for all categories of students by giving simple explanation related to International Business under Indian Perspective.

While writing this book, we have given more concentration on some important topics such as approaches to international business, theories of international trade, modes of entry into international business, manifestation of globalization, role of MNCs in the development of international business, international marketing information system, export trade and import trade.


Contents –

1. Introduction to International Business
2. Modes of Entry into International Business
3. Globalization
4. International Marketing Intelligence
5. Exim Trade
Skill Development


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Dr. Ghousia Khatoon,

S.K. Podder,

Santhosh Kumar A.V.


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