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Linux Administration


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Linux Operating System is open source software. It supports CUI and GUI interface. With major developments of technology, this operating system is considered more efficient than Window Operating System. Linux Operating System is secure because of its firewall protection feature. The Linux Operating System has its own K-Office and having powerful internet, network capabilities as well in Linux we have many inbuilt servers like NFS, Samba server, Web server – Apache, mailing server- sendmail, Proxy server – Squid, DNS, System Administration for users and groups, DHCP Server, FTP, http, etc.

The concept and theory of each topic is followed by the theoretical explanation, some selfassessment questions, all practical questions and Configuring servers solutions are provided at the end of this book. Within practicals Linux Installation step-wise with wizard is provided. Since before understanding Linux Admin, one should have an idea about simple Linux Commands. Hence, efforts have been made to make the text easy to read and understand. In this book, I have covered simple Linux commands and Administration commands along with different server configurations.


Contents –

Unit I
1. Introduction
2. Duties of the System Administrator
3. Booting and Shutting Down
4. File System Structure of Linux
Unit II
5. System Configuration Files
6. TCP/IP Networking
7. Network File System
Unit III
8. Connecting to Microsoft Networks
9. Additional Network Server
Unit IV
10. Internet Services
11. Domain Name System
Unit V
12. Configuring Mail Services
13. Configuring FTP Services
Unit VI
14. Configuring a Web Server
15. System Administration


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